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Mapple Story M – A Comprehensive Guide For Newbie Players

Mapple Story M has changed the way how people think about online mobile games. This game is developed by NEXON Company for Android and iOS devices. This game is bringing PC gaming experience to the mobile world. You may easily fall in love with its unique gameplay and amazing graphics. Well, it is an MMORPG game where you can pick the best characters, join guilds, and take part in the other activities to test your skills. You can also participate in live events against other players. 

First of all, try to learn the pure basics and pay attention to the different aspects of the game. Get help from the tutorial and understand the gameplay in a perfect manner. Try to master the controls and then play the game in a better way to win amazing rewards.

Level up quickly

Most of the new players are looking for effective methods to level up faster, but it is not as easy as you think. To speed up your progress, you should enter the mini-dungeon where you need to stay for 30 minutes. If you are playing the mini-dungeon in the auto-battle, then you will get a boost for your performance. You can’t get access to this feature at the initial stages. You can unlock it only after reaching level 25, and it also allows you to participate in the mini-dungeon three times a day.

During these missions, you also have an option to choose the monsters that you want to face. If your task is based on killing a monster, then you can choose the one that you can kill with ease. By keeping all these things in mind, you are able to level up quickly and without hassles.

 Significance of virtual currencies

No doubt, the virtual currencies are required for making progress in the game. The entire progression is based on the currencies that you have. The two main currencies of the game are – meso and leafs. You can’t get these currencies with ease, and that’s why you need to know their importance. Meso is the main currency, and you can earn it in plentiful ways. By completing various tasks and performing different activities, you can earn meso.

Try to manage this currency and make the smart use of it to reach the advanced stages in no time. If you have this currency, then you can use it with ease for weapon and armor enhancements. Gold leafs are the currencies that you should always use to buy the required items and making the right upgrades.

Let’s wrap it up

After keeping aforesaid details in mind, you can perform better during the several tasks offered by Mapple Story M. you may find it difficult to play this game at initial stages, but later, you can master the controls by doing practice. Try to focus on all the main aspects, and it will help your character to make progress faster and without hassles.